St. George

St. George Utah Salt Lake Express Charter Bus Shuttles

Southern Utah's Hidden Gem

Sitting just shy of two hours outside of fabulous Las Vegas, St. George stands as a golf and resort heaven. Distracted by the bright lights, shopping, and entertainment offered in Vegas, people often overlook this beautiful resort town. And even though it has been steadily gaining popularity in recent years, people will still bypass it for places they think are better. Well, we're here to let you know that it really doesn't get much better than St. George. It's the perfect hub for so many adventures beyond the city.

We already addressed how close it is to Las Vegas, but also consider that it's wildly close to Zion National Park and Red Cliffs National Reservation Area. And a stones throw from Pine Valley, Lake Powell, and Dixie National Forest. And if you hate the heat, just visit in the spring or fall when the temperatures are so moderate that you'll never want to leave. Well known for being a gathering place for family vacations and reunions, baseball tournaments, and retreats, St. George is waiting for you.

St. George Utah Red Rocks Region

Land of The Red Rocks

St. George is a climber's and hiker's dream. With countless square miles of recreation area, history and culture, and incredible discoveries, there's a reason folks keep coming back to this place. Explore your way around this entire region at your own pace.

There are adventures for every skill level from the most difficult and extreme to the family hiking with their three small children. Trust us when we say you could spend an entire year in this region and you will have only scratched the surface of what it has to offer its visitors. Book your trip to Sunny St. George today!

St. George Utah Red Rocks UTV

All Adventures Await

While there is so much to do when it comes to the outdoors and extreme sports, the city offers a ridiculous amount of history, culture, and food. It's not just about hiking the red rocks and bombing around in a UTV, St. George also offers a side of itself that caters to the adventurous palates, golf and sports enthusiasts, and history buffs.

From it's pioneer history to its world class golf courses, St. George's sophisticated side comes out to play as well. Dozens of incredible golf courses to play along with regular baseball tournaments, hotels and resorts that you'll never want to leave, and restaurants that capture the taste of the American Southwest, you'll find yourself at home in St. George.

A First-Class Luxury Fleet

Chartering isn't only about simplifying. It's also about enjoying the journey, literally. Our buses contain the following features and more:

  • Individual high back leather reclining seats
  • Phone and device chargers
  • TV/DVD system

If you're searching for something that is above average and goes beyond ordinary, consider chartering your next trip, vacation, or retreat with Salt Lake Express. We think you'll notice a difference.

Our fleet is equipped with buses of all sizes to accommodate any group or event. Contact one of our travel coordinators to help plan your trip.

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