SLE Charters Rexburg Idaho Fly Fishing

America's Family Community

Here's the thing about Rexburg, it's not high on most people's lists of destinations. However, you'll come for the pit stop on your way to something more popular and then you'll stay for the hospitality. No one here ever claimed that it's the most beautiful place in the west. But, what you'll find is that it is close to so many things. As one of the country's most family friendly and safest communities, it's no wonder why people come and stay here.

The small city touts multiple green spaces, a couple of golf courses, and a growing population thanks in part due to the growth of the local university, BYU-Idaho. Not to mention it's wide array of restaurants. You can find everything from Thai to Mexican and Cajun to classic BBQ. Once you experience it you'll see that there's actually a lot to like about Rexburg; be it the nearby hiking and fishing or just vibrant culture and kind people. This place certainly grows on you.

SLE Charters Rexburg Idaho

Trending Growth

Rexburg has long been on the rise. The local university in town, BYU-Idaho, has observed steady growth year after year. Even in a time when most universities around the country keep seeing declining enrollments, BYU-Idaho continues to grow.

As the school grows so does the surrounding area. In the last 10 years Rexburg has seen a huge increase in shopping and business developments all over. The city and it's growth has attracted many businesses and people to the area.

SLE Charters Rexburg Idaho Mesa Falls

Close To Everything

Rexburg is close to everything. In fact, you could take a one-hour drive in nearly any direction and end up somewhere pretty incredible. Here, we'll prove it to you. Head north and in 30 minutes to one-hour you're in Island Park, near Mesa Falls, and approaching the gates to Yellowstone National Park.

Drive east and you're on Teton Pass dropping into Jackson Hole, WY and heading for Grand Teton National Park. Take off south and before you know it you're in scenic Swan Valley for some world-class fishing. And finally, out west you'll find the beautiful Lemhi Range and Craters of the Moon National Monument.

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