Cedar City

Gateway To Cedar Breaks

Talking about underrated destinations, Cedar City has to rank pretty high. Not only is Cedar City a gateway into Cedar Breaks National Monument, but you're a short drive to Zion National Park, Bryce Canyon National Park, and even the resort and recreation area of Brian Head, UT.

And we haven't even touched on the fact that the city itself is a college town, home to Southern Utah University, so there's a lot of fun culture in and around the city. Cedar City is also home to the Utah Shakespeare Festival. This place quite literally has something for everyone. So, let's not over-publicize what a gem Cedar City is. We'd hate for it to get too crowded.

So Many Natural Wonders Around Cedar City

Cedar City is an ideal location for the group that wants to explore multiple National Parks and monuments. It's location allows it quick access to both Zion and Bryce Canyon, as well as Cedar Breaks. Perfect opportunity for offsite retreats and family reunions alike.

Plan your chartered trip by first booking and incredible cabin in Brian Head, followed by organizing a charter bus to drive you and your group to and from all of the natural wonders that there are to explore. Then, finish your excursion off by a day spent down at Lake Powell, just a couple hours south.

Pioneer History. Modern Culture.

Cedar City may have been settled by pioneers and contains a rich history of that time, but that doesn't mean the city has let that keep it in the past. Home to a bustling university (Southern Utah University) as well as many cultural events like the Utah Shakespeare Festival, this city knows how to keep up.

When you charter your trip to Cedar City, you'll be getting far more than what you pay for. You can drive in nearly any direction and can't help running into a modern marvel or national treasure of some kind. So, adventure outside of your comfort zone this season and explore what Cedar City has to offer.

A First-Class Luxury Fleet

Chartering isn't only about simplifying. It's also about enjoying the journey, literally. Our buses contain the following features and more:

  • Individual high back leather reclining seats
  • Phone and device chargers
  • TV/DVD system

If you're searching for something that is above average and goes beyond ordinary, consider chartering your next trip, vacation, or retreat with Salt Lake Express. We think you'll notice a difference.

Our fleet is equipped with buses of all sizes to accommodate any group or event. Contact one of our travel coordinators to help plan your trip.

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